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We search following equipment
 Debarking machines and lines
 Cambio, ValonKone
 Sortingline for sawn goods
 Combi, etc.
 Fingerjointing machine Crecon HS-120
 Not older than 7 years
 Drum chippers
 Chippers, shredders, flakers
 Optimizing-cuttingsaws Quantum 450
 Not older than 5 years. Can bee also with the line
 Gluelam beam press Eissele Megapress 2000
 Schrink-wrapping (pacaging) machines Fischer SFV
 Push type optimizing-cuttingsaws
 For incoming material L=6100 mm

You can also send from here a picture and info for equipment what you would like to sell.
To go to next step with it please press the button  " make offer "