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Hydraulic press Trimwex SLV-H-10.0-1.2-160-6V-IV-P

Trimwex SLV-H-10.0-1.2-160-6V-IV-P 
Hydraulically operated press for glue lam beam products.
Suitable for window-doorcomponents and edge glued panels production.
Total pressing lenght 10.000 mm
Press filling high 1200 mm
Press with B=160 mm

Pressing sections:

4 section



Pressing sylinders:

20 sylinder



Presssylinders size:

Æ= 80 mm, f= 63 mm, H = 120 mm



Alignment sections:

4 section



Alignment sylinders:

10 sylinder



Alignment sylinders size:

Æ= 50 mm, f= 25 mm, H = 150 mm



Maximum working space:

1000 x 120 x 16 cm


Press build in year 2012
In excelent condition
Product ID Nr: T210

We can quot you new press, glue-applicator or infeed magazine.