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Shrink wrapping machine Fischer SFV800 N / M / H for thermofilm pacaging

Fischer Maschinenfabrik pacaging machines SFV 800-100 prospect >

Shrink wrapping machine (thermo foil pacaging machine) Fischer SFV800N, SFV800M and SFV800H are 3 basic machines from serie SFV800. Main different is in feedspeed.
All Fischer Maschinenfabrik pacaging machines are designed for wooden panels and other similar long packs material (aluminium profiles, etc) pacaging in thermofilm. They are fully automatic machines where the sleeve wrapping unit and the shrink tunnel are integrated in full basic frame as one machine. This kind of solution gives shortest machinlenght by fastest feedspeed and high-quality pack.
Model SFV800N is the  simplest machine in Fischer Maschinenfabrik productrage but also the most sold machine wich gives exxelent pacaging result. Max feedspeed by film thikness 40 micron is  ca' 30 m/min.



SFV 800N

SFV 800M

SFV 800H

Minimal infeedlenght by standardmachine




By scpecial desing shortest infeedleght

550 mm

550 mm

550 mm

Max material lenght

No limits

Max material with

300 mm

300 mm

300 mm

Max material height

180 mm

180 mmm

180 mm

With of film roll max

970 mm

970 mm

970 mm

Diameter of film roll

350 mm

350 mm

350 mm

Type of film

Dual axis thin polythelene shrink film

Film thikness

25-80 micron

Film consamption

Pacage lenght +50 to 150 mm

Pacage circumference

2xB+2xH+ca’ 100 mm (owerlapping)


Depending of film thikness, produkt lenght, etc.

Feedspeed by standardfilm  40 micron

30 m/min

40 m/min

55 m/min

Bundles per minit by lenght a’ L=1800 mm

ca’ 11.5



Pressair consamption

ca’ 100 N ltrs../min at 5 bar

Average power consamption

10-18 kW

13-24 KW

15-27 kW

Time for heating up

15-20 min. after starting

Lenght of shrink tunnel

2000 mm

2600 mm

3500 mm

Space requierment approx. in mm