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Moisture meters

Biomass moisture meter EVO BIO

Biomass moisture meter Merlin EVO BIO Measuring range 5%-60% water content. Switch on the instrument, fill it with biomass, weigh and read the water content on the display! PC interface ...


Moisture meter Moistec 2-in 1

Wood and building moisture meter Merlin Moistec 2-in 1 Measuring range wood 5%-50% and building material 1,5-33% It works straight after it is in contact with material surface, digital ...


Wood chips moisture meter EVO CHIPS

Wood chips or sawdust moisture meter Merlin EVO CHIPS Measuring range 10%-50% water content. Push the probe into the wood chips, switch on the instrument and read the water content on ...


Wood moisture meter EVO

Wood moisture meter Merlin EVO 5, EVO 13, EVO 25. Scanning depth 5-8mm, 13-20mm ja 25-40mm. Measuring range 2%-99 It works straight after sensor plate is in contact with wood surface, 21 wood ...


Wood moisture meter HM8

Wood moisture meter Merlin HM8 series Scanning depth 0,5-40mm, Temperature range 0-50Co Measuring range 4%-99% It works straight after sensor plate is in contact with wood surface, 6 ...


Wood moisture meter Moistec BIO

Wood moisture meter Merlin Moistec BIO Measuring range 10%-60% water content. Works with electrodes you have to insert in to timber and you will see the moisture content from the LCD display!