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Developer -Kit

The "Developer Kit" has been designed to meet the needs of system integrators and those developers who have to solve often changing challenges in machine vision and imaging.

It consists of a 10 mW laser whose power can be adjusted via a potentiometer and 7 easy exchangeable optical heads (by removal of cap nut):

  • eliptic dot
  • homogeneous line with 20° fan angle (micro array lens)
  • homogeneous line with 40° fan angle (micro array lens)
  • Gaussian distributed line with 90° fan angle (cylindrical lens)
  • Cross with 30° fan angle (DOE)
  • 17 x 17 dot matrix (DOE)
  • 11 lines (DOE)

In addition there is a power supply, a screw driver for intensity adjustment and a focussing tools.

Please note:
When removing an optic and in case of dot optic the laser is a laser class 3B laser.